April 08, 2008

Lunatist Tool

Lunacy: a cross-cultural affliction
Some folks study the zodiac, like cousin DadGum. I'm more of a lunatist; I keep an eye on the moon. I'm - not - alone - in this - interest. Lunatism could easily predate human consciousness as we know it. Most folks can't seem to ignore the moon. Even the most rational among us try to come up with explanations for anecdotal correlations such as the one between moon phases and human aggression, investment behavior and more.

Being aware of the moon, as with most sky-watching, is supremely easy. You go outdoors and look up. What about those times you can't see the moon for the clouds or because you are in your underground survivalist retreat? All you need to satisfy your inner lunatist is this super simple little piece of software: Moontool for Windows.

In sky-watching as in baseball, you can't tell the players without a program.
If you were looking for a lunatic tool, try here and here.

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