April 07, 2008

Charlton Heston - El Cid passes away

Heston as El Cid Campeador
Charlton Heston died last weekend. He was a fine actor, a good human being and an American who put his career on the line to defend our constitutional rights. I remember him best in his role as Judah Ben-Hur, but he starred in so many monumental films that its as easy to think of him as the hapless astronaut in Planet of the Apes as it is to picture him parting the Red Sea as Moses. Michelle Malkin links to a fine homage printed in the Washington Post, the last place I would have looked for one.

Today, I want to remind Plains Feeder readers of Charlton Heston's role as Rodrigo Diaz, the champion of the first Reconquista. The one where the Spaniards drove out the Moslem occupiers of Andalucia, not the historically corrupt Mexican version of the reconquista that is in the news today. The misguided and grossly confused proponents of Aztlan would like to see huge tracts of the US Southwest 'reconquered' by Mexico.

Granted, no one is much worried about Mexico invading the US, but a growing fifth column of anti-American illegal immigrants are buying into this bastardized view of historical inevitability. The latest flap involves the advertising industry pandering to the reconquistadores. Absolut Vodka is getting blogged over the head for an advert featuring a map of Aztlan.

The Real Reconquista
Astute bloggers know that the Mohammedan jihad brought the scourge of fundamentalist Islam to the Gates of Vienna. The Mohammedans are still almost at those gates. Anyone familiar with history also knows that the original Jihad saw the Moors (another name for Mohammedans) conquer much of what is now Spain. The jihadists ruled over their Spanish conquests (Al-Andalus) for ages: 711 to 1492, hundreds of years. The term Reconquista was given to the Spaniards' successful efforts to drive the Mohammedan fanatics out of Spain and back to North Africa, from whence they came.

The champion of the Spanish Reconquista was El Cid Campeador, a cat named Rodrigo who inspired and led the Spaniards to victory over the Moors. Charlton Heston played El Cid in the 1961 movie of that name. The film isn't exactly historically accurate. The movie Cid gets killed but leads the final assault as a corpse strapped to his famous horse, Babieca. Actually, the real El Cid died of old age, just like Charlton Heston, at his home in reconquered Valencia. Its a great story, and still timely in light of today's resurgence of worldwide Jihad.

Someone should put the Aztlanists wise. They claim solidarity with the Mohammedan Jihad, while simultaneously holding up El Cid as an exemplar of their lame 'reconquista' movement. Of course, inconsistent reasoning never bothered these cats and their supporters before.
What do you say? I think its time to prevent the need for another reconquista here at home. Stop the Dhimmitude, appeasement and accommodation of these dangerous Mohammedan fanatics.

Charlton Heston - College Days
Read an interesting article about how Heston never forgot his pre-Hollywood days. Adios, Campeador. We will never forget your "cold, dead hands" speech to the NRA.

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