April 10, 2008

Polygamist Cults - Whats in it for the ladies?

Cool Cult Coiffure
Living with any number of women, even one at a time, is impossible, at least for me. Therefore, I can't for the life of me sympathize with the men at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (only marginally connected with the Mormons). I figure these men must be just plain old everyday sex perverts and pedophiles with scads of money. But what about the women? Whats in it for them?

I cant believe that all of them were held there against their will. I know some women, and darn few of them would sit still for being forced into any lifestyle. The little kids aren't accountable, but my experience is that females have mind of their own by the time they are teenagers. Many teens are willful if not outright rebellious; its only natural. So why do the women stick around?

It must be the nifty hairdos. Thats what Homa Khaleeli writes at the Guardian:
What is not explained in any of the news reports so far is what membership of a polygamous cult could possibly offer its female members. Yet pictures showing the women and girls being bussed from the sect's headquarters have shed light on at least one unlikely advantage - great hair.
There must be something to this. Every picture I've seen of women being 'rescued' shows their hair is done up in complex hairstyles. Hairstyles which must require considerable time to effect. If the raid on the polygamist cult's HQ was indeed a surprise, one must conclude that these ladies didn't have time to do up their hair just so they'd look good in the news pictures. The cult ladies must go around with their hair fixed all the time.

Even the little girls have hairdos
Would big hair, all day, every day be enough to get these otherwise normal women to go along with perverted polygamist husbands? I wonder if the writer that suggested this, Homa Khaleeli, wears Mohammedan garb? Or, if she is married, does she share her husband with other wives? I wonder if the fundamentalist Mohammedan women have outlandish hairdos under their burqas?

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