May 31, 2008

Democrats: Hopelessly Divided

Recreate '68 or Disintegrate in '08
The Democrat Party invites Americans to help them in their efforts to join their fractured party. Their twisted moral sensibilities just can't help them choose between a lying, America-bashing Marxist black man and a lying, America-bashing Marxist white woman. What a dilemma; I almost feel sorry for them. Maybe I'll be able to manage a bit of sympathy after the big dust-up in Denver, but I doubt it.

They are hopelessly divided in two. Sing it!
Cop a laugh: Young Hillary Clinton.
Video Update: Disillusioned Democrat vows to vote for John McCain. Mad as a wet hen, this brassy babe tells it like it is. Watch this fine rant right here.

I got news for all of you:
John McCain will be the next President of the United States!

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