June 02, 2008

Stop the Lieberman-Warner Watermelon Bill

Green on the outside - Red on the inside
Call or e-mail your US Senators today. Let them know you don't want them to vote for what Michelle Malkin calls the Lieberman-Warner green boondoggle bill. It is coming up for debate this week in the Senate. It isn't just scientifically stupid, unconstitutionally oppressive and anti-American, it is also a nasty pork stew.

The Marxist Watermelon Front plans to sabotage our economy. Duping us into knee-jerk legislation like this is just another part of their war on the American constitutional form of government. Tell your Senators they aren't fooling you.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Measuring, capping, and trading its output might sound green, but it would cripple our economy and restrict our freedoms. The Watermelons and their fellow travelers won't be satisfied until America is as miserable as every other Marxist nation. They hate America.
Addendum: What is the sensory opposite of red on the BYR color wheel? It is green. Commie propaganda is like that: wrong is right; day is night; red is green. The Big Lie. There is no end to Marxist perfidy.
On Second Thought: Marxist ecological genius Senator Barbara Boxer threatens war if this awful tax disguised as 'cap and trade' greenery fails to pass. Be afraid. She has always been right before.
Más: Mythical analysis of Lieberman-Warner by Ben Lieberman.

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