May 10, 2008

Militant Hindoos?

Sacred Beef Steaks - Holy Hamburger
From the Drudge Report: BRITISH AIRWAYS takes beef off menu to avoid offending Hindus...

I always thought Hindus weren't as thin-skinned as Mohammedans. British Airways won't serve beef in flight in spite of the fact that Hindus are generally quite tolerant of others. Its a case of Dhimmitude gone wild; its obsequious proponents extending the appeasement to them as might possibly be offended. As one Daily Mail commenter wrote, British Airways will next offer "no food for fear of offending anorexics and bulimics."

I think they ought to keep Mohammedans off the planes. They are offensive to everyone and, who knows, might be plotting a terror attack.
Many American and European cats associate Hinduism with pacifist non-violence. This is a big mistake, probably resulting from a failure to discriminate between Hindus and Buddhists. Hindus make great soldiers and India, 80% Hindu, has atomic bombs.

The Hindu religion has an entire varna (it is politically incorrect to refer to a caste) given over to the martial way of life, the Kshatriya. The 'plot' of the Bhagavad Gita, a text most of us think we know as a sort of Hindu Testament, revolves around a man's decision to go to war.

When Hindus become militant, the first cats they attack are usually the Mohammedans. Familiarity breeds contempt, I guess, but militant Hindus have been known to go after Christians as well. In today's 'blame everyone but yourself' world anyone can be your oppressor.
Reminds me of the only time I ever heard of Hindus causing trouble in the UK. Again, the matter was beef, in the form of Shambo the Sacred Cow. Seems Shambo tested positive for TB and the law required it to be destroyed. Out of the woodwork came the militant British Hindoos.

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