May 09, 2008

Stuff Muslims Don’t Like

Man's best friend
Michelle Malkin as introduced a new feature to her excellent blog: Stuff Muslims Don't Like. The first installment features the Mohammedan distaste for two-piece bathing suits. Today's SMDL post points up the unhappiness of Moslems in America with having to afford their wives due process in divorce proceedings. Some of our Dhimmi courts aren't going to allow these pushy creeps to say "I divorce thee." three times to cheat their wives out of a fair property settlement, and the Moslem men don't like it.

Its easy for me to list things I don't like about Mohammedans besides their sympathy for the al-Qaeda. For example, their filthy habit of washing their feet in public washbasins. Of course its difficult for many Americans to comprehend Mohammed's dietary rules, but it doesn't bother me in the least that they won't eat delicious bacon burgers. As long as they don't try to stop the rest of us from enjoying swine flesh, Moslems can refuse to eat anything with pig in it if they want. In fact, they could stop eating altogether, for all I care.

Unclean bacon burger
Can you think of something Mohammedans don't like? My best try is illustrated at the top of this post: Muslims don't like dogs. I can't imagine a more wretched existence than that of a stray dog in Mecca.
Where there is an unhappy Mohammedan, can Dhimmitude be far behind?

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