June 22, 2008

Ask Aunt Latifa

Ann Landers - haram advice
Aunt Latifa writes an advice column for Muslims. Remember the advice column by the late Ann Landers? I'm sure Ann's advice wasn't much use to Mohammedans, since Ann was Jewish. Aunt Latifa is a Mohammedan woman, and provides advice on life and love in the same style. It seems to me, however, that her columns will get any Moslem girl that follows her advice killed. For example, Aunt Latifa doesn't condemn pre-marital sex for Mohammedan girls:
It is normal to have a sexual relation at your age, and it is even utterly beautiful to have sex with the person you love. It is the ultimate expression of your mutual love and as your boyfriend is good of heart and really serious with you, there is no problem in that relationship.
Don't throw your life away for any religion, be sure that a true God stands behind well-intentioned and warmhearted humans. Don't let the useless fear of imaginary hell spoil your life, because it is the only one you've got. So live your life in happines (sic) and love. Love is a present from God, don't throw that away, use it as it should be used.

All this will shock you, but I am telling this for your own good. Sweep the dark sides of medieval imagination away and open your mind and heart for freedom and happines (sic). Do count on your boyfriend to help you in this and untie dependance (sic) on blind relatives and a religion that think that your life belongs to a revengeful and cruel god that doesn't even allow love and peace between all of his human creatures.
Auntie forgets to mention how your dad and your brothers will murder you for following this advice. Mom will probably help them and they will all wash the blood off their hands by calling it an honor killing. These despicable murders among Mohammedans have always been popular in traditional Moslem nations; now the practice is spreading and increasing, even in officially secular Turkey. Gateway Pundit has also picked up the story from Turkey.

It won't be long before PC countries like Canada, the UK and some European states make accommodations for this disgusting aspect of Mohammedanism and its medieval Sharia laws. First they attack common western institutions, like free speech, then they ask for special treatment, like public foot-washes. Then, of course, we must adopt their crappy Sharia and finally, we must convert to Islam or they will kill us.

Convert or die...
No more apologies. No more appeasement. Don't bother to ask Auntie. Its time for a Crusade. Just my opinion.
Commenter Ellen Sheeley calls these murders dishonor killings. The label is more accurate than to call them honor killings, any way you look at it.

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