June 22, 2008

Lisbon Treaty and the Irish vote

God bless the Irish. The Times of Malta notes that:
[O]f the 27 countries in the European Union only one has to abide by a provision in its Constitution of holding a referendum on matters which may affect its citizens' way of life. This is why the people of Ireland voted recently in a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - and rejected it.

The other 26 countries, including Malta, opted for ratification by their parliament and basically ignored their people's views on the Lisbon Treaty.
Parliaments and Congresses that think they know what is best for the poor, benighted common folks should be given the boot. Read it and weep, one-worlders. The comments are interesting as well.
Note that the one-worlders aren't folding their tents just yet. Quite the opposite. All the elitists are scrambling to undo this democratic result.

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