June 26, 2008

Buy a firearm, learn to use it, keep it with you

Do it for yourself - do it for your friends
Be free. Be safe. Go armed. It has been in our Constitution all along! Now, the US Supreme Court has finally ruled that the Second Amendment means what it says.

Only an armed populace is a free populace. Everyone else lives in one degree of slavery or another.
The "But" monkeys can't be far behind. "OK, ok, so the right to keep and bear arms is a personal one, BUT that doesn't mean you can -fill in the blank- ." All rights come with responsibilities, the anti-gunners will try to confuse these responsibilities with a license to infringe.

Gun control advocates won't waste any time trying to co-opt this landmark decision. Barack Obama is already trying to fit this square peg into one of his round holes. Will the New Messiah now 'cling to his guns' in bitterness? Its a safe bet.
Don't fire in a crowded theater?
Further reflection: Don't forget that the Heller decision was 5-4 split on whether the constitution means what it says or not. As the Gateway pundit puts it: America stands One Justice Away From LaLaLand. Think about this fact before you fool yourself into thinking that the US would be able to recover quickly from an Obama presidency.

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