June 26, 2008

Heller 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decision reactions

Oh my God! Poor folks will have guns!
Its raining cats and dogs at the feedlot. With outdoor plans on hold, I'm going to link some blog and news reactions to this morning's Supreme Court decision in the Heller case. If you want to have your blog linked here or know of a blog post that ought to be here, please leave links in the comments or e-mail them to the old feeder. I'll check them out and link them here. My reaction:
The “But” monkeys are coming out of their trees. Barack Obama has been spotted clinging to a gun. Infringements will be redefined as reasonable restrictions.

“You can’t fire in a crowded theater”

An armed populace frightens tyrants more than anything else. Watch the ones that try to minimize or co-opt this decision; they would be tyrants if they could.

Blog Reactions to the Heller Decision:
This is more fun than trying to work in the mud. Laugh at weeping gun grabbers. Watch Skeet Surfing Safari (HT: Michelle Malkin)

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