June 12, 2008

More bad weather - Four Boy Scouts killed at camp

Update: Progressive fruits are blaming the Iowa Boy Scout tornado deaths on global warming. This was bound to happen. Same with the wussies who are now asking, "Why in heaven's name didn't they have a storm shelter?" If rustic camps had all the amenities of home, they wouldn't offer much of a "roughing it" experience for the boys. Next they will ask why there wasn't cable TV so the boys could watch the weather mongers issue warnings.Maybe the boys should have stayed home and played 'camping games' on their X-boxes.

Being Prepared - Scout Training Pays Off
We have had our share of nasty weather this past week. Last night the tornadoes and flooding hit close to the feedlot with tragic results. Four Boy Scouts were killed and over 40 of their fellow campers were injured at an Iowa camp a few counties north and across the Missouri River from here. Gateway Pundit has a map and more links. Pictures from the scene can be found at the Sioux City Journal.

The Boy Scouts comported themselves like troopers, giving aid to the injured campers and clearing the road for emergency vehicles. The old feeder was a Boy Scout back in the day when the uniform included leggings. Hearing about how these young men handled this unavoidable catastrophe makes me proud.

Threatening Clouds
It also makes me feel silly for complaining about the wind, rain, annoying sirens and hyped-up TV coverage of the storm. The picture shows the killer storm as it passed the feedlot.

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