June 10, 2008

Obama's Secret Birth Certificate

Updated: A Daily Kos blogger purports to have Barack Obama's birth certificate. See a copy here. It isn't certified that I can see; ask an illegal immigrant or Dan Rather how difficult it is to dummy up an official-looking document. At any event, it was enough to satisfy Jim Geraghty.

Little Obama & his Momma
Early Fence-Sitting Lessons

You will recall that the last Democrat candidate for President of the US, John Kerry, never released his complete military records, despite charges of a cover-up and various lies from Kerry about his having done so. Obviously, there was something in those records the fake war hero didn't want anyone to see. Ultimately, Kerry's DOD Form SF-180 flap was just one of a million good reasons not to trust that disingenuous loser.

Will the fact that 2008's Democrat candidate, Barack Obama, refuses to release his own birth certificate become Barack's SF-180? Some folks seem to think so. Just as with John Kerry, the fact that he won't let us see the truth has fueled speculation and rumors that are possibly worse than whatever it is that Obama is trying to hide. Jim Geraghty lists a few: Could it be he isn't qualified to run for President under the Constitution? Maybe his real name is Barry, not Barack. Perhaps his middle name is Mohammed.

Why wouldn't Obama want folks to see his birth certificate? How awful could the truth be?
Presidential Election Theme for 2000, 2004, and now 2008:
Democrats Lied - Their Party Died

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