June 18, 2008

That cinches it. Everything bad is caused by Global Warming.

Dr. Chalko in his Chakra Shirt
According to the AP and published by CBS, earthquakes are five times worse than they were 20 years ago because of Global Warming. What next? Global Warming will cause the Earth to explode? Salmonella? The study they cite to support this spurious thesis was done by none other than Dr. Tom Chalko the bioresonance fruit, pictured above.

The Associated Press calls this nut case a scientist. I guess if you can accept Al Gore as a GW science expert, almost anyone qualifies. I want to laugh, but...
A few blog reactions from both sides of the GW divide:
Not many of these cats are believers once they see that Dr. Chalko is a Wacko. I don't expect the French to come around and admit that they have been had. They still think they are a World Power.

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