June 19, 2008

Bush's Iraq "War for Oil" fails: US forced to drill at home

Drill America: do it for the Caribou
Even George Bush now thinks the US policy of forbearance from drilling for oil in our own back yards should end. Seems that increasing the supply might just help ease the upward pressures on the price of oil. I saw only the Democrat reaction to the jawboning he gave the Congress today. Something about 'destroying America's most pristine land'. Read more about these developments at Gateway Pundit.

I can see why the Gulf Coast cats are nervous. I'm selfish about some things, especially when close to home, but I see no such NIMBY problem with drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.

How many Americans will ever even see this wretched piece of pristine nastiness. Its far away, hardly in anyone's back yard. To see it, you need to make a giant, expensive carbon footprint just getting there and back. Americans that can barely afford to drive to work stand no chance of visiting the ANWR even once in a lifetime. You would have to pay me to go there.

Only obsessed scientists working on grants hang out there now. Its deadly cold in winter, and mosquito-infested in summer. The sorry caribou there lose blood by the pint to the voracious insects, whose attacks drive them to distraction. In winter, the miserable beasts must eat lichens off the frozen rocks. Any change in their horrible existence would be an improvement.

Where's the harm? I'm for drilling the ANWR and anywhere else in the US where the inhabitants aren't selfish wussies or communist dupes bent on destroying America.
Sad thing is, Bush could have forced this issue long ago by ordering the drilling bans lifted by executive order. Instead, he puts the cart before the horse. I guess nobody is perfect.
Barack Obama, still on the Marxist plantation, feeds us the Big Lie: it isn't a long-term solution. What a slave the man is to leftist doctrine.

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