July 13, 2008

Bull Moose McCain

Wild West McCain
US Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain sees himself as the new Teddy Roosevelt. Say what you will about McCain, but the hero of San Juan Hill is as pure an American icon as you'll find outside of Hollywood.

Now we can understand why Senator McCain persists in aggravating his conservative base with his unpopular stance on illegal immigration. Teddy Roosevelt was one of the first to embrace the then popular concept of the "White Man's Burden". When Kipling first published the poem by that name in 1899, TR copied it and sent it to his friends. I'll bet that won't make the race gangsters at La Raza feel good.
A few things that come immediately to mind about Theodore Roosevelt:
  • National Parks
  • Teddy's "It takes more than bullets to kill a Bull Moose" speech
  • The Rough Riders and San Juan Hill
The old feeder sees National Parks as nothing more than stolen property, but I am painfully aware of being in the minority on this matter. I wonder how long it will take the eco-nuts to disown TR now that McCain has adopted him as role model.

The Bull Moose speech was magnificent; no modern pol except McCain has cojones of that caliber. There weren't any teleprompters then, either.

As a kid, I was always fascinated by the fact that TR rode into battle at San Juan carrying a dozen extra pairs of glasses. What a Mensch. John McCain could have done worse in choosing a role model.

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