July 14, 2008

White Powder Scare at Bellevue, Nebraska Post Office

Anthrax? Ricin? Juju Powder? Eat it!
Last Thursday workers at the Bellevue, Nebraska Post Office noticed a mysterious white powder leaking from a package addressed to someone with a 'foreign-sounding' name. The PO was evacuated, Haz-Mat teams were called, emergency decontamination equipment was set up. Several folks that came into contact with the powder were washed down. The mysterious powder turned out to be mail-order tapioca. it wasn't anthrax, ricin or ju-ju powder.

The oddest thing about this story is that one local news outlet, KETV Channel 7 News, reported that the authorities had taken the mysterious package to the addressee and asked him to eat some of it to prove his claim that it was only harmless tapioca. This "eat it" report was vehemently denied by a US Postal Inspector interviewed on radio station KFAB.

There are more twists to this story than a Chubby Checker festival. Get the whole, unbelievable story from Scott Voorhees and Lucy Chapman, who discussed the ridiculous situation on KFAB radio. You can listen to it here. Cop a laugh.

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