July 21, 2008

An Oil-Free America

Better park all of our airliners - they burn oil
I keep hearing about how America should aim to be an oil-free country. After all, the algore-science consensus pegs oil as one of the main causes of Global Warming, and we all know that it makes us sick. Besides, unless we are willing to drill for oil here at home, we are stuck for buying it from folks that hate us.

Barack Obama seems to think we can achieve energy independence and freedom from our oil addiction. So folks are discussing the pros and cons of becoming oil-free. But they aren't using their heads.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say this about becoming oil-free on the radio today: we will have to give up flying to become oil-free. None of the 'alternative energy' sources anyone has even dreamed of to date can produce the power to weight ratio required for heavier than air flight.

I guess flying for business and pleasure was just a fad we can't afford any more, along with eating meat, keeping warm and driving nice cars. These earth-destroying fripperies were fun while they lasted, but its time to get grim about our future.
If Barack gets elected president, we won't have anything left to defend, so we won't need the Army, Air Force or Navy doing any tank driving, jet flying or going to sea in their big ships either. They can defend America on foot or horseback, from sailboats and hot-air balloons.

These are changes we can believe in.

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