July 20, 2008

What the monkey said when he slammed his tail in the door:

It won't be long now!
The old feeder will be eating ripe tomatoes over the sink. Its spitting rain at the feedlot, so I can't get very much done outdoors. The garden likes the rain, the mower chokes on the wet stuff.

I have been fooling around with the Flock browser. I heard about it from a cat whose opinion on these matters I trust, mØnkyman at Aptenobytes. Here's what he says about Flock:
This sucker is based on Firefox2, but it's more of a specialty browser. It's designed for social networking. Go now and try it. If you're a Facebook or Flickr addict, a blogger, or suffer from any of the other networking addictions, this puppy is the cat's pajamas. It's open source (mostly GPL) and uses standard bookmarks as it's Firefox 2 ancestry would suggest. Tabbed browsing works as expected.

I've now switched to Flock, although it doesn't quite feel like a Mac app, the added functionality of it for what I mostly do is enough to overcome that.

Oh, did I mention that it has a dedicated blog editor built in? that's what used to write up this post.
Flock is free, easy to set up, it neatly imported all my FireFox preferences, bookmarks, passwords, etc. So far, Flock is performing as advertised. You can get it here.
You might think it odd that an anti-social type like myself would be interested in social networking. Not really. Some cats use Facebook, Twitter and such to supplement their normal interactions with others. I use them instead of having normal interactions with people.

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