August 27, 2008 the length truth will out.

Ayers helped Barack Obama launch his political career
It is becoming more difficult for Barack Obama to conceal the extent of his radical Marxist roots. Michelle Malkin reports that the facts about his long standing and very deep connection to Weatherman terrorist William Ayers are coming to light, even though he used the power of his clout with Chicago's Daley machine to keep them hidden.

He has failed to keep Americans from watching this ad, in spite of his threats of lawsuits and prosecution. His heavy-handed efforts to squelch the truth about his close connections with the unrepentant, bomb-throwing terrorist of the SDS Weatherman faction are backfiring on him. I and others want Bill Ayers to be Obama's real running mate in this election.
The old feeder is familiar with the SDS and the Weatherman faction. I was here in 1965 and saw much, and in Chicago later, where I saw more. I won't offer any further personal details, but if you would like to peruse some enlightening background material, I suggest you look here and here. Know your enemy. The Weatherman faction was deadly serious.
Update: The American Issues Project, the outfit that made the ad featuring Bill Ayers that the Obama campaign wants to ban from public view, has struck back. From Michelle Malkin, (our fearless spittle martyr), the AIP folks have sent their own message to the DOJ suggesting that they look into:
[L]eftwing donors whose substantial contributions to political causes in the last three election cycles have consistently landed each of them on the top donors list and surely each of these donors warrant the Department’s review, scrutiny and prosecution, if the Obama Campaign standard is to be applied evenly: George Soros, Steven Bing, Peter Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Linda Pritzker, John Hunting, Alida Messinger, Pat Stryker, Jon Stryker, etc.
The gloves are off, and its about time.

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