August 15, 2008

Ethanol: the fuel of suckers

Click for more on Barack Obama's ethanol interests
The corporate agriculture ethanol hucksters and their mentally challenged suckers supporters are gathered in Omaha this week to further their self-enriching schemes. Read how Nebraska corn liquor is necessary for National Security at Love Global Warming, the old feeder's clean, green ecology blog.
Addendum: Reason TV has an excellent little video addressing the problems associated with the huge government (read: taxpayer) subsidies the ethanol industry requires. It is titled Silly Senator, Corn is for Food, but is really a serious analysis. The blurb about the video:
Ethanol advocates claim that the biofuel is a cheap, renewable energy source that reduces pollution and our dependence on foreign oil. It sounds too good to be true—and it is.

Ethanol, especially the corn-based variety, is bad for taxpayers, bad for consumers, bad for the environment, and horrible for the world's poor. In fact, even environmentalists are critical of ethanol subsidies these days. The ethanol craze has distorted markets and increased the price of food worldwide. The only people who still support ethanol subsidies are the ethanol producers—and politicians from both sides of the aisle. Together, they make sure the subsidies keep coming.

In a recent interview about the current food crisis, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said, "If part of our problem is that the Chinese are going to eat meat and you've got to have corn and soybeans to feed the Chinese their meat, then why isn't it just as legitimate for the Chinese to go back and eat rice as it is for us to change our policy on corn to ethanol?"

Let them eat rice? So that American taxpayers can continue to pay people to turn corn into fuel?

Silly senator, corn is for food.
I got the link from a brand new blog: The Founding Bloggers. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.
Update: This ought to make Republicans gag. The GOP will invite anyone into their new, all-inclusive Big Tent.

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