August 23, 2008

Joe Biden chosen to sit at the right hand of the Messiah

Click to see Joe Biden and Barack Obama video
Watch the video to find out what Biden has to say about Barack Obama's qualifications for the Presidency besides this:
I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man.
My first reaction to Barry's choice: At least we can stop worrying about John McCain choosing Joe Biden as his running mate.
Hat tip to the commie fighters at Babalu Blog.
Reactions to Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden:
Bridget at Rocky Mountain News: So Joe Biden is 'change'?
Gateway Pundit: Joe-Mentum?... Obama Picks Pro-Iraq War Plagiarizer Biden
Bill Nichols at The Politico: [Seasoning for] the ticket: Obama-Biden
Another Rovian Conspiracy: It's the eternal comb-over from Delaware!
ChicagoRay: It's Officially JoeBama...McCain Wins!
Fausta's Blog: The candidate of change went with the status quo
RedState: He certainly fits Obama's Cheneyesque goal in a choice
Lorie Byrd at Wizbang: Early Obama-Biden Analysis
Jawa Report: Loser Ticket Confirmed
Ed at Hot Air: an act of desperation
Althouse: 3 a.m. call will needle Hillary lovers
stevenmary jihad: Biden will whip whoever McCain picks in the VP debate
Beldar Blog: Obama picks serial plagiarist
Belmont Club: Why Biden?
Power Line: the man and the moment have met
Fox News: McCain Ad of Biden Endorsing McCain?
David Brooks at NYT: Biden’s weaknesses are on the surface.
TigerHawk: Obama selects his lead apostle
Overlawyered: Biden’s Mississippi connection
RedStateEclectic: announcement timed for the "hanging out" crowd
American Thinker: So much for 'Hope and Change'
Say Anything Blog: McCain: Not Biden/Our Time
Astute Bloggers: Biden's 7-11 episode
Domestic Divapalooza: Obama just shot himself in the foot!
La Shawn Barber: "clean as a whistle sharp as a tack"
Cao's Blog: a cloud of foreboding
Stop the ACLU: Barry’s Bitch
Flopping Aces: He’s a liberal so he just can’t be racist…
Riehl World View: ObaJoey In '08, Or Else
Michelle Malkin: It’s Smarmy and Smirky ‘08!
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The jokes just write themselves
Atlas Shrugs: As if it couldn't get worse
sondrak: It's Obama bin-Biden! (plugs)
Cop a Laugh at DU: So supporters weren't the first to know?
The Crank Files: HA HA HA! you got shit bagged!
Heartland Notebook: epic instance of philosophical miscegenation

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