August 25, 2008

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel endorses Joe Biden

Withholds endorsement of Obama, but...
Nebraska's cross-party-dressing Republican Senator still hasn't announced his official support for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Still, Chuck Hagel has done everything but, including acting as bodyguard for Barry on his obligatory trip to Iraq last month. I'm sure that Hagel was up all night waiting for that phone call that would have put him in Joe Biden's place, even though all of Obama's true believers were nixing Chuck.

When Obama passed him over for Biden, Hagel stifled his disappointment and drooled all over himself to heap praise on the Robinette from Delaware. What a trooper! Chuck still thinks this is the Most Important Election Ever, and that only a Democrat can pull America out of the Great Depression and the quagmire of Viet-Nam Iraq.
I think this is going to be one of the most important elections this country has ever had," Hagel said. "We are living in a time of great transformation in the world. We have immense challenges. I think the next president will inherit an inventory of problems as big, deep and wide as any president since Franklin Roosevelt's first term in 1933.
I don't know why Chuck Hagel hasn't just come out and given his full endorsement to Barack Obama. Nebraska's other Senator, Ben Nelson (a Democrat that often dresses like a Republican), has managed to spit out the magic words "Hope and Change". I'm guessing that Nebraska's biggest RINO is still hoping for a call from the Obamachine asking him to be Barry's Secretary of Defense, or Agriculture, or Veteran's Affairs, or Secretary of Something.
Regarding his own future, Hagel said he plans to be a private citizen come January. He said that's when he'll decide what he's going to do away from capitol hill.

He does say if the next president asked him to be a member of the next administration's cabinet, he would consider it.
Maybe he would settle for an appointment as Ambassador to Someplace Nice.
Update: Like Brazil?

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