September 03, 2008

Fred Thompson's very excellent speech

"John McCain has the kind of character that civilizations
throughout history have sought in their leaders."

I thought Fred Thompson's speech at the Republican National Convention last night was as good as any of its genre I've ever heard. I'm glad I went to town where I could watch the speech on FOX News, because CBS and NBC censored Fred's speech from their convention coverage. Today, the communist stooge press is panning the speech and Fred Tompson.

By now, anyone that reads the Plains Feeder is aware of how deeply in the bag for Obama I perceive the liberal news media to be. They have abondoned even the pretense of objectivity and impartiality.
Joe Lieberman's speech. I'm happy he's in the GOP tent and even happier that he isn't on the ticket.
Outside the convention: Barack Obama's brown-shirts engaged in deadly, violent disruption. Obama claims he doesn't inspire and condone this violence and terrorism. He also says he doesn't want his misogynist supporters attacking Sarah Palin's family. We already know that Obama's a liar.

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