September 12, 2008

Liberal Palin Panic

Not funny - Not nice - Not even civil
This nauseating Oliphant cartoon goes to show the depths to which the liberal media will sink as they realize that the Barack Obama magic is vanishing. As the smoke clears and the mirrors reveal the racist hate and Marxist perfidy standing behind the wannabe Messiah, the Obama campaign along with its fellow travelers in the media are resorting to the ever more transparent and disgusting attacks on the McCain-Palin ticket.

This disrespectful cartoon is the most despicable display of classlessness since pro-slavery Democrat supporters ran this anti-Lincoln political cartoon during the 1860 presidential election campaign. I hate to think what we'd be seeing from Mr. Oliphant if McCain had chosen Condoleeza Rice as his running mate.

This shameful cartoon isn't the only thing making folks like Jeffro at the Poor Farm angry with the Obamanists. There is Charles Gibson's unprofessional and poorly prepared waste of a perfectly good opportunity to interview Sarah Palin for ABC News. He misquotes her and frames his questions to suit his painfully obvious liberal agenda. Another example of liberal desperation is the Washington Post's recent effort to connect our national remembrance of the Islamic Jihad 9/11 attack with a smear of Sarah Palin.

I can't help thinking that this ugliness is going to backfire on the Democrat party. I actually think there will be a chance to reclaim the House and Senate this November. All the Democrats have to do is stay the course down the low road they seem to have chosen.

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