September 26, 2008

The NRA ad that Obama doesn't want you to see

Click to see the NRA ad Obama wants to ban
Barack Obama has gone to great lengths to obfuscate his gun grabbing tendencies. Barack hides his anti-Second Amendment position as assiduously as he hides his smoking habit. But the fact is, the Bolshevik in Black wants to ban guns.

The National Rifle Association has produced a little television ad to open up folks eyes to Senator Obama's true intentions. True to form (and from a man that wanted us to worry that Sarah Palin might have once wanted to keep dirty books out of the reach of kids in a library) Barack's gang of thug lawyers have been working overtime to make sure that no NRA ad ever gets any air time on TV.

The Riehl World View has the solution. Spread the NRA ad all over the internet. Embed the YouTube video or put a link to it on your blog. The television cats, most of whom are already in the bag for Obama, won't stand up to this blatant attempt to subvert the First Amendment. Not so long as it helps to subvert the Second Amendment the left fears more than freedom itself. Get the message out anyhow.
It is almost October, can we expect to see Barack the hypocrite going out to 'get me a huntin' license' soon? I'm guessing Sarah the Moose Slayer upstaged him too much for such blatantly phony antics.

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