October 14, 2008

Barack Obama's Marxist agenda - nothing new here

Creeping up on us since WWII
I adapted the following Marxist agenda for America from John T. Flynn's book: The Road Ahead: America's Creeping Revolution, which you can download and read here. Flynn's book was published in 1949. It explained how the Fabians, Socialists and Communists planned to institute Marxist thought in post-WWII America.

Flynn was pretty much spot on; I modified this list from the one found on Page 14 of Flynn's The Road Ahead only to modernize it. What follows is how the Marxists have planned and worked to institute "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" here in the USA.
They organized innocuously named groups which became their political planning machine that made the plans, trained their leaders, schooled their speakers and writers and directed their national educational program. For the most part these groups appeared to be decentralized, not obviously part of a grand scheme. They adopted the cell system of organization.

They began by advocating not a Socialist or Communist State but a Welfare State as the prologue. Their opponents would be cast in a cold light; who will stand against the general welfare?

They resolved to offer their program in small successive sections, a method they called gradualism. Think of the fabled boiling frog.

They decided against total State ownership of land and industry. They proposed State ownership of the great basic functions: banking, credit, electric power, transportation, basic metals. The balance of the economic system would be left in private hands but operated under plans made by the State. They took advantage of natural adjustments in the free market economy to justify increasing such State ownership. Think bailout.

They agreed they must penetrate and capture the instruments of public opinion and information: the writers, the news media, the entertainers, the churchmen and the schools. Not necessarily to deceive the voters, but to make them unaware.

They knew they had to capture the mind of the working class and to that end they took over the labor unions.

To build a political power base they needed a legitimate party so they co-opted the Democratic Party.

To ensure victory in America's democracy, they organized groups to corrupt and subvert the election process. Think Acorn.

To take advantage of the Civil Rights Movement and the concept of Political Correctness, they placed minority group members in conspicuous positions throughout their movement. To argue against their Marxist agenda was now racist and mean spirited.
I'm sure everyone is weary of the old feeder and his cry that "there are commies hiding under our beds!" Lately, however, I think more and more of you are beginning to see that I was right. Especially now that the commies have crawled out from under our beds and now stand a good chance of realizing their goal within the coming year.

At the risk of inflicting a devalued cliché upon Plains Feeder readers, it is time to wake up, America. Tell John McCain you want to see him come out against the looming commie menace in full force. Let the chips fall where they may; unless we are willing to turn deaf ear to the left's false accusations of racism and political incorrectness, we will lose this fight.

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