October 23, 2008

If "Socialist" is a code word for "Black" then...

Lewis Diuguid: Shameless Obamanist Race-Baiter
Communist must be a code word for Barack Obama.

I heard about this newest and most disgusting play of the presidential election Race Card from the Gateway Pundit: Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist writes that the "Socialist" Label Is Code Word For "Black". Obama really brings out the worst in people. Lewis wouldn't know history if it sat next to him on the bus. The good folks in KC ought to be ashamed.
Update: From The Conservative Cat:
Sadly, Mr. Diuguid's analysis tells us more about his state of mind than Senator McCain's. Obama is being labelled as a socialist because of his encounter with Joe the Plumber. Moreover, if socialist is a code word for black, what did it mean when Human Events applied it to John Kerry, and how do you explain the D=S web site?
The Cat also connects this piece of low level journalism to a pattern that labels any and all criticism of Obama as racism. He goes on to note that, "[w]hile this tactic is used more often by Obama supporters than Obama himself, those supporters are not going to change when he gets in the White House. Things could get really ugly."
It would seem the folks responsible for public safety in America's big cities agree about the coming ugliness. See: The Confederate Yankee: Nationwide, Police Begin Bracing For Obama's Defeat, which cite this article in TheHill.

Police departments are preparing for violence might erupt if Obama, the first black candidate for POTUS) loses the election. Socialists are known for rioting when they don't get their way. I'm not using code here either: blacks have never rioted. Not in the 1960's. Not ever. Not for any reason. No sir.

The writer for TheHill, Alexander Bolton, tries to avoid the racist label by suggesting that the police might also be girding their loins out of concern for what Sarah Palin's supporters might do if John McCain and the second woman vice presidential candidate loses. The Confederate Yankee asks: "does anyone really expect women or Republicans to riot if McCain and Palin aren't elected?"

The media is running scared, and its because of those darn socialists.
Still More: LaShawn Barber: Lewis Diuguid: Code Word for Race-Card Playing Journalist. Playing the race card in the run-up to the vote.
Bumped to the top Thursday morning. Originally posted Wednesday, October 22, 2008.

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