October 18, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe

Joe Froiland
Spencer, Iowa's most popular plumber is a Joe: Joe Froiland. So when Ohio's Joe the plumber made the news Spencer's Joe became even more popular. By now I'll bet he's heard a lot 0f "Joe the plumber" jokes.

The story is in the Spencer Daily Reporter. Unfortunately Joe must sympathize with Famous Joe only up to a point because he ultimately says, "we're ready for a change." I hope it's the Bradley Effect at work. He knew he was being quoted for the paper. Could he have meant 'McCain change' and said that so his Democrat customers (and there is no shortage of Democrats here) wouldn't be offended and switch plumbers? Or does he intend to vote for Obama but didn't want to risk his Republican business? Certainly Joe's no racist, but there are dang few black homeowners in Spencer, Iowa.

November 4th is going to tell us what the polls and Bradley Effect can't.

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