October 17, 2008

Bill Ayers and the University of Nebraska

Go Big Red?
I had been too upset to blog about this revolting development. Just thinking about the unrepentant communist terror bomber William Ayers speaking at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln was making me ill. Thank goodness so many folks made their feelings about this stupid move known. Now it is confirmed, this awful decision has been reversed.

I sent an e-mail to Chancellor Perman's office this afternoon. Here is their reply:
Thank you for your comments. Dr. Ayers was invited for this student research conference last spring, based on his outstanding research and scholarship in the field of education. He is a distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.He is highly regarded in his field and by his peers, scholars and students. He is the vice president of the American Educational Research Association. He is the author of “To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher ” which in 1993 was named Book of the Year by Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education. He also was named the Chicago citizen of the year in 1997 for his work with the Chicago Public Schools.

He will not talk about anything other than his research on teaching and urban school reform. We do not condone violence or any of the behaviors that Dr. Ayers engaged in 40 years ago. I can understand your strong feelings about this speaker and will pass your comments along to the dean and chancellor's office.
What kind of idiots do these elitist fellow travelers think their alumni are? They act as though I never heard of Bill Ayers. Hell, I remember June 10th, 1970, when 'protesters' that were inspired by the likes of Bill Ayers burned the Armory at UNL. The idiots that run the school now wanted to invite this same brand of trash back to give a speech at the observance of my school's 100th anniversary. I was so angry I could hardly type. I was ready to drive to Lincoln on Monday.

Our schools need a good cleaning, from top to bottom. They are infested with Marxist vermin.
Id like to thank all the bloggers that helped to keep Bill Ayers away from Lincoln. I know the Right Wing Professor, Gerard Harbison had the University administration's feet to the fire. The Domestic Divapalooza was on their case as well. Many of the blog heavyweights joined our local fight: Michelle Malkin had several posts on the issue, BlackFive's Pinch had a very helpful post encouraging folks to sound off to Harvey Perlman, UNL's dimwitted Chancellor.

There were literally hundreds of bloggers across America that were as angry as I was to see this happen. I'd make a list with links to them all, but I need to get my blood pressure back off the ceiling.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman actually asked the University to back off. I'm proud of the Governor for taking a firm stand against the commies, fellow travelers and useful idiots (like University President Milliken) that run our state institutions of higher learning. Republican Congressman Lee Terry, the bailout wuss, and our one relatively good Senator, Ben Nelson went on record for uninviting Ayers as well.

Give them an inch, and they will take a mile.
Off Topic: I can't understand how Senator Nelson, a known semi-conservative, can get behind fellow Democrat Obama's campaign. I know he can't be enthused about it and I believe he came out early for Barack just to spite Hillary Clinton. Before he knew very much about the kind of man Barack really is. I'd give money to be a fly on the voting booth wall and see for whom Ben actually pulls the lever in November.

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