October 26, 2008

Weekend Election Odds and Ends

Obama National Anthem from Glenn Beck (click)
The newspapers and television news shows in the US are so blatantly biased in favor of Obama that the Russian news outlets have noticed (Gateway Pundit). Today's reporters were schooled in activist 'I want to make a difference' journalism, the style spawned by opposition to the Viet-Nam war and emboldened by the Watergate take-down of President Richard Nixon. They are anxious to report the story of a lifetime: a black president (Mark R. Levin). Some of the journalists themselves are embarrassed by the lack of professional objectivity in the media coverage of this election (Michael Malone).

The Fourth Estate wants Republicans to assume the election is already over and Obama has won. We might as well stay home an election day and get our guns and 401k papers ready to hand over to Uncle Sugar. If you have a son or daughter in the military service or off working for a defense contractor, you might want to spend the day getting their room ready for them to come back home.

The media goes on about Sarah Palin's clothes while Obama's blatant voter fraud (NewsBusters) and campaign finance shenanigans (Atlas Shrugs) (Mark Steyn) are largely ignored. If a reporter does an interview that actually brings up the issues, as Barbara West of WFTV Orlando (watch it at NewsBusters) did with Joe Biden, they are roundly criticized and promptly thrown under the bus.
On a more positive note, it was heartening to see this video of Fred Thompson making sense of the choices facing voters the coming election. Here is an excerpt:
Let there be no doubt that an Obama administration and a heavily Democratically controlled Congress would change the face of this nation. Only you can decide whether or not the ways in which they would change it would be a good thing.

I don’t believe it. And John McCain doesn’t. John McCain’s entire life has been devoted to defending those principles that made our country great. It has been one of duty, honor, dedication and sacrifice. He has been involved in every major domestic and foreign policy issue for three decades and has fought to reform and change Washington in ways that would change our country for the better.
Don't like to watch Fred? Read the script here.
Because it is the weekend and because the old feeder has become mulishly doctrinaire, embarrassingly cynical and even insensitive in his election rants and comments of late, I shall try to include some levity. I really do need to lighten up, especially now that I can't take my nerve pills any more.

DadGum tipped me off to this little bit of election related Zydeco music he found at Small Dead Animals. The video looks like it was filmed at the feedlot. Did I mention that the old I'm part Acadian French on my Father's side of the family? Probably not.
I am Bill by the IowaHawk is sure to get a laugh. The preamble:
Every time I turn on the internet these days, it seems like another right wing blogger is digging up more baloney on Professor Bill Ayers. Apparently these people would rather talk about Bill Ayers' passionate youthful rambunctiousness than the issues that really matter to us, like Sarah Palin's shoe bill. Well, I've got a message for you, Mister Google cache McCarthy fascist: I'm mad as H-E-double sippy straws, and I'm not going to take it any more. No longer will I remain silent while you smear and slur this great America-hating American with his own quotes. Hear me now: when you mess with Bill Ayers, you're messing with me.

Because I AM BILL.
The IowaHawk says the post is "preemptive compliance with the coming Fairness Doctrine". Ayers says "call the oinkers!"
Now that you are warmed up, here's a real knee-slapper: Signs Pointing To A McCain Victory by Steven M. Warshawsky at the American Thinker.
Cheesecake Update: You may have heard of Frank Marshall Davis, the bohemian, communist, pornographer, poet, amateur photographer, jazz fan and early mentor to Barack Obama. Mr. Davis was also an friend of Obama's mother and her father. Now it appears that Barack's mother may have appeared in some of Mr. Davis' home-made cheesecake nudie photos. I'm not going to touch these naughty poses with a 10 foot pole, but you can see them here.

Nude Pictures of Barack Obama's Mother?
These pictures, combined with a few other possibly coincidental facts and a perceived similarity between Barack and a son of Frank Davis, have fueled speculation that Frank Marshall Davis might be Barack's biological father. That might explain, among other things, Obama's reluctance to produce a long-form birth certificate. Posts from the Astute Bloggers sum up the convoluted mess: here and here and here.

This kind of stuff makes my head hurt. The story may be titillating, but I know I wouldn't like folks plastering nudie pictures of my mother on the internet. And what difference would it make if Barack's bio dad was Frank Davis or the gardener or anyone else? (Assuming he would still be a 'natural born' US citizen and thus eligible to hold the office of president.)

Before these naked pictures hit the blogs, I was already concerned about the influence that the degenerate communist Frank Marshall Davis had on young Barack Obama. The facts of that relationship made me suspicious. If this stuff is true, it will make me sick. [H/T the Mickeys]

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