October 25, 2008

The Wheel of Suffering and Joe the plumber

A Triumph?
You will become that which you hate. The foregoing is a corollary of the hoariest truth of them all: What goes around, comes around. A good example of the way this corollary works is found in one of today's posts at Wizbang blog:
Yesterday evening, Ace published a tip he got which said that Ohio government employees in three state agencies improperly used government computers to dig up information on Joe the Plumber. The computers that were used were from the state attorney general's office, the Toledo Police Department, and the Cuyahoga County Child Enforcement Agency. Ace said the story would break in the next 2-3 days. Well it hit Drudge last night. Here's the story from The Columbus Dispatch.
Hmmm. And so many on the Left were foaming at the mouth about law enforcement listening in on suspected terrorists' overseas phone calls.
The liberals will become exactly what they have hated so much. They will think it is a triumph.

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