April 22, 2009

Moral Bearings

Obama gives the glad hand to dictator Hugo Chavez
Barack Obama has recently stated that the use of any kind of torture by US officials is wrong, even if it helps prevent deadly terrorist attacks. The fact that the Bush administration evidently used aggressive and unpleasant interrogation techniques to good effect is, in President Obama's view, evidence that our nation has "lost its moral bearings". I'm sure our President wouldn't approve of local police departments here in the 'States torturing suspects either. Proper moral bearings, after all, begin at home.

At about the same time as Obama was posturing on the torture high road, he was fawning over a whole gang of South American dictators, strongmen and communist stooges at the ALBA summit meeting. All the while these nasty thugs beat up on America, El Negro (as Chavez actually calls our President) smiled like a dog eating shit.

Obama was caught on camera being particularly chummy with Venezuela's Marxist-Leninist coke-head 'President for Life', Hugo Chavez. Some folks didn't like the gang-style handshake. Others with a more modern 'bent' to their moral bearings thought the negative reaction was inappropriate. Like this especially misguided analysis by Pat Murphy in the Idaho Mountain Express.

Of course, Obama's secret handshake pal, Hugo Chavez would never allow torture to be used in his country, would he? Well take a look at this video of Venezuelan cops 'torturing' a naked man:
Batter Up in Venezuela
The video is somewhat shocking, and features a fully nude man. Don't look if you are squeamish or might have a perverse prurient interest in such sights. If this video is too nasty for you, and you can understand butchered Spanish, you can watch Chavez discuss his diarrhea right here. No kidding.

I'm sure none of the other countries of Latin America, not even los hermanos Castro, would ever allow torture in their countries. I have more videos and testimonials, but they nauseate me so much I won't include them here. Perhaps I'll start a Torturer of the Month feature, so the rest of South America and the Carribean won't feel left out.
A tip of Arnie's pork pie hat to the blog "Solo en Venezuela" (Only in Venezuela). I'm patting myself on the back as well, for not using PTG's favorite saw, "There was such a case in Venezuela".

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