May 14, 2009

Another Democrat Lawbreaker

Tamir Sapir's yacht - seized stuffed cats
Here is yet another example of a billionaire supporter of the Democrat party who thinks the laws don't apply to him. It seems Tamir Sapir, all around rich cat and New York real estate investor got caught by US Customs with a yachtload of illegal animal pelts, skins and ivory. Some of the seized material came from endangered species. From the Florida Sun-Sentinel:
A New York billionaire's company has pleaded guilty to illegally importing wildlife parts, after inspectors found a big-game hunter's haul of elephant tusks, a mounted tiger head and bar stools covered with reticulated python hides on the company's 150-foot yacht at Port Everglades.

The yacht M/Y Mystere C.I., arriving from Italy on a transport ship in late 2007 was outfitted with a decorating scheme of dead animals: rugs made of zebra, jaguar, lion, leopard and tiger. Cigarette cases covered with reticulated python skin. An entire stuffed lion.
The story has gained wide coverage, from Yachting Monthly to the Miami Herald. What you don't see reported is Mr Sapir and his big family's large contributions to the Democrat party. If this cat had been a Republican supporter, not only would the fact be in the news, but the animal rights crowd would be all over Sapir like white on rice.

The double standard lives.

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