May 12, 2009

Sugary Soda Pop Tax

Mexican Coca-Cola still contains real sugar
Everyone knows sugar is bad. At least that is what we are told by liberal know it alls that want to control what you and I eat and drink. Whats wrong with sugar? I've found that most of the bad press sugar gets is based on myths about the all-natural sweetener. Here are a few I heard about on the radio today:
  • Sugar is fattening. Do you know how many calories there are in a teaspoon of sugar? Take your best guess, then click here for the answer.
  • Sugar causes diabetes. Look it up. It just isn't true.
  • Sugar rots teeth. Not so. It is the acid produced by bacteria (which can feed on sugar. among other things) that causes tooth decay. Don't want cavities? Brush your teeth.
These myths form the rationale behind the national tax on "sugary drinks" now being considered in Congress. Not only does this proposed tax break Barack Obama's pledge not to raise taxes on the poor and middle class Americans, but it is a thinly disguised ploy to help finance the liberal's unworkable national health care schemes. Not to mention that it is just another step in the liberal plan to regulate every detail of our everyday lives under color of law.

Dick Armey, Chairman of wants us to resist this ill-conceived legislation. He says:
Some liberals in Congress have proposed paying for government-run health care by hiking taxes on soft drinks and other beverages. Because the socialized health care schemes being considered will cost at least a trillion dollars, liberal politicians are looking for ways to pay for their schemes without upsetting too many folks. So they think that a tax on soft drinks is better than any other type of tax.
To me, its just more liberal nonsense, cooked up to justify taking away our freedoms. Please follow this link to let Congress know you aren't happy with this attack on our freedom to choose, this tax on everyman and his kids, this dishonest attempt to fund yet more government meddling with our way of life.
PS: The US sugar industry is subsidized by the government. Our government also subsidizes the production of the "high fructose corn syrup" now used to sweeten most of our non-diet pop. Now the same folks want to tax us to consume it. It appears they trying to encourage production of natural sweeteners and at the same time trying to do discourage their use. Tell me things aren't screwed up. Tell me it isn't the government that is responsible.
Note: The old feeder never drinks diet soda, now does he use any artificial sweeteners. I think they are ineffective for weight loss. Most folks I know as drink diet pop are still overweight after years of abstaining from 'sugary' soda. I also suspect the chemicals used might be dangerous. I drink Mexican Coke whenever I can get it. It really is better tasting.

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