May 02, 2009

Do we really have food to burn, Senator Johanns?

Food to Burn?
Is Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns becoming an alcoholic? Perhaps he has been hitting the ethanol corn liquor a bit too much, along with his daffy colleague Senator Ben Nelson. Now he has come out in favor in watering down our gasoline with even more ethanol.

Alcohol is a lousy fuel. It is inefficient to produce and a comparatively weak energy source. No one would even consider running an internal combustion engine with alcohol unless it was subsidized and mandated by the government. Worse yet, using corn and other crops to make a trendy diluent for good old powerful gasoline results in higher feed costs to animal agriculturists. We see this as increased meat prices.

Bottom line: we don't have food to burn. Take off those fashionable Washington DC style blinders, Mike. Let us drill for oil and build more refineries here in the USA. Let the livestock eat the grain. Let the consumers decide what they want to put in their gas tanks. Let us eat reasonably priced meat.

What have you got against freedom of choice and cheap gasoline, Mike?
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