January 22, 2010

Conservative Republicans: scrape that stuff right off your shoes

Republican Goo on Your Shoe?
We had a sticky snow last night here at the Orchard, and the melt this morning was causing some runoff problems. The old feeder found an even older spade and went to work draining the big pool that was blocking our driveway. The snow stuck to my new jail shoes in great clumps; every step added another layer until it was like walking in deep-sea diver boots. I'd scrape but the next step started the process again. I finally had to pull my foot out of the shoe pictured above. What has this got to do with conservative GOP politics? Read on.

John McCain style conservatism is a proven loser, yet the stuff keeps sticking to conservatives' shoes like last night's snow. You might think the last presidential election would have scraped this mess off of the shoes of good Republicans. but, no! It's back, the same crappy faux-conservatism that gave us the disastrous Obama administration and it's awful Marxist "change." Don't let this stuff build up on your political walking shoes. Scrape it off! Don't let this horrible accretion continue.

Please take a few minutes to read Michelle Malkin's timely column, Conservatives: Beware of McCain Regression Syndrome. Heed the warning. America cannot stand another failure of true conservatism. The GOP is walking a dangerous path, one that has much of the old shit sticking to their shoes. It is time to scrape these losers and their failed ideologies off and find the true path. Otherwise the conservatives of America will pull their feet right out of those sodden Republican shoes.


  1. Nice analogy...and good luck w/ scraping the shit off those GOP shoes.

    Aisle say it one more time,'good luck w/ scraping the shit...

  2. I'm almost glad McCain and his goofy wife aren't in the White House. The 'stuff' on those shoes would have turned to cement by now.


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