January 10, 2010

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson Appears on Toast

Senator Ben Nelson is toast in Nebraska
Mrs. Harry Prochaska of McCook, Nebraska was certainly surprised last Saturday morning when a piece of toast popped up bearing a striking image of Nebraska's Democrat Senator Ben Nelson. She had Harry take the photograph reproduced above, then reduced the now controversial slice to crumbs for the snow-bound birds in her yard. Explaining why she has no evidence but the picture to support her claim that Senator Nelson is now officially toast, Mrs. Prochaska said, "It was too cold to butter and eat after Harry finished fiddling with his camera."

Nelson staffers were quick to point out that the Nebraska couple "probably cooked up this obvious fake" to humiliate the affable, go-along to get-along politician in the wake of the recent controversy surrounding the Senator's role in the shameful Cornhusker Kickback. Senator Nelson was unavailable for comment, being fully occupied with changing his story on his support for the unpopular "Obama Care" socialized medicine scheme.

The Prochaskas deny they did anything wrong, saying, "We threw the danged thing out, for crying out loud." Several Nelson is Toast offerings have appeared on eBay since the story was published in the McCook Gazette.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha ... vintage ptg.

    Welcome back to the blogopolis, old friend.

  2. I've seen this happen before. A politician's image appears on a slice of toast, doesn't matter if it's whole wheat, rye, or whatever, next thing you know his career is over.

  3. As in Ben's feeling a little sour?

    I'm reminded of that old G.I. breakfast of some kind of gravy poured over toast, or "shit on a shingle". Maybe because last night D Bones was feeling a little bit like the shingle.

  4. Typical politician, and I thought it was just the low-part..smarter than he looks?

    banelyph wv

  5. Proof that he can be bought.

    Hey what happened to haloscan?

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    never mind


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