February 23, 2010

Future News: Election 2010

It's the Morning After in American, and boy are the Dems hungover. My satirical take on where the current path of the Democrats may lead them is now posted at the new Don't Let Me Stop You blog. Now fortified with even more unnecessary syllables to help build strong vocabularies 12 ways. Just a taste to get you hooked:
The morning after voters issued a historic rebuke to the Democrats, party officials struggled to comprehend the magnitude of the loss. Two years ago the Democrats appeared to have established a permanent grip on the Washington levers of power. Yesterday, every Democrat in the House lost, and the only Senate Democrats to escape the electoral tsunami were those who were not up for reelection. A party operative, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to trash his colleagues, conceded that the party’s legislative strategy might have been an error. “By ramming a series of huge, costly, unpopular measures through the Congress on party-line votes, we lost many moderate voters. When your agenda is opposed by over 80% of sentient voters, using parliamentary shenanigans to pass it makes you appear a little arrogant.”
More at the source.

Thanks to PTG for allowing this shameless self-promotion. :)

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