February 28, 2010

Give Me Liberty TV

I'm working with a small group of "cats" (as PTG would say) to produce pro-freedom videos. These are carried on the Community Access Channel of Lincoln's Time Warner Cable affiliate. We also post the shows on the GML-TV web site. Here's a post about our most recent effort, an interview with Tony Fulton on the 10th Amendment resolution in the Unicameral.

We were also able to get an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano during his recent visit to Omaha.

We'd like to get our shows onto the Omaha cable system, too. If you are in the Omaha area and interested in helping with this, send me an email at my GMail account (where I'm AbeLincoln81). Or just add a comment on the GML-TV site or the new Don't Let Me Stop You site.

- Abe

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  1. When I lived in the 'Omaha Area', public access TV was dominated by local black church productions, latino activism and Ernie Chambers.  I seem to recall, the Lincoln channels featured commies and sex perverts. It would be nice to see something Liberty oriented take root in this former wasteland.


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