March 16, 2010

Laying Blame

Losing the war in Viet-Nam
In my opinion, the United States has been damaged more severely in the last year than any time I can remember. American status as a world leader has been degraded, the economy is nearly destroyed, the national coffers have been emptied and our debt has multiplied to the point that we must borrow abroad like poor relatives.

Previously, I had thought that the US nadir of my lifetime was the time after our disastrous defeat in Viet-Nam. Today has those grim times beat, hands down.

Who do I blame? I'll start with the Republican Party, the last years of George Bush's administration and John McCain. These three crippled our ability to fight off the poison of Marxist thought. The source of that poison gets the rest of the blame. The Democrat Party, the Democrat controlled Congress and, most of all, the Obama administration. The poison has gone systemic and there is no clear antidote.

It is going to take decades to restore our nation. I don't think I will live to see America recover. I am plagued with the thought that we don't have what it takes to make a recovery at all.

I see our only hope being in a fundamental change in our election process. A large minority of Americans aren't fit to vote and should be stricken from the rolls. We need to make the right to vote something of value again. Being able to breathe simply isn't sufficiently exclusive.

Do I think the nation has the wisdom or the cojones to implement voter reform? I'm not optimistic, given that so many of today's voters haven't a clue about our Constitution or its historical context. What will I do about it? I'll try to live free in an unfree world. The rest of you are on your own. May the devil take the hindmost.


  1. Unfortunately, I cannot find any basis for arguing with you on your conclusions.

  2. Jebus ... yer just a little ray of sunshine. aren't you?  Sadly, and like Jeffro, I can discern no basis for disagreeing with you. I never thought I'd think old age was an advantage, but I admit that I take a certain solace in knowing that I probably won't live to see the final crash-and-burn sequence of this great nation ... which is coming as surely as the snow and the rain ....

    btw, good to see you posting ... I was beginning to worry.

  3. Boortz said this is the most dangerous week in America since the Cuban Missle Crisis.

  4. Unfortunately, you are correct in your ascertations.  I, however, feel we must fight until there is no fight left in U.S. and yes, I feel more hopeless everyday.  The only way we'll take this nation back is if we do it for the glory of God and I have a feeling He's not too fond of U.S. at the moment.

  5. Its a fine line between the act of removing the rose-colored glasses to face facts and the sin of despair. Keeping the faith without deluding yourself is a challenge.

  6. Wish I could have some delusion right about now - I know the Lord has delayed judgment on nations in the past, but ONLY if they turn from their wicked ways - i.e. Nineveh - and they eventually returned and were destroyed.  We are our own worst enemies.  I look forward to the wedding feast!

  7. A large minority of Americans aren't fit to vote and should be stricken from the rolls.

    I don't have a problem with that as long as the gov't doesn't  have a problem w/ me not paying THEIR taxes.


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