April 05, 2010

Easter, a different perspective

The Feedlot
As readers who are familiar with the Plains Feeder (some readers have been following since 2004) may know, the old feeder, ptg has been ill for the last couple of years. As a result, ptg hasn't been adding much to the blog. The other fine contributors, Abe of Lincoln, Dad Bones and Angela have been carrying the ball and keeping the old feedlot viable. In addition, ptg, whining and complaining about the weather on the Great Plains, has moved away to the high desert of New Mexico.

The Plains Feeder Board of Directors has, in light of the foregoing, decided to give the old feeder his walking papers, pending final approval by the Federal Blogging Commission. You won't see that bum around here no more.
Important Update from ptg!
Wait a minute! The Plains Feeder is still my blog and I can do whatever I please around here. See: Plains Feeder Terms of Use. I never heard of any Board of Directors. Nobody is going to kick me to the curb just because I'm not feeling 100% and don't live in a wretched old feedlot office building on the Great Plains. I'm in charge here, and will continue to run this show from jail, New Mexico or anywhere else.

Now that I have that cleared up...
An Old Feeder's Perspective on Easter
Angela, a fine Christian lady, has done a tremendous job of celebrating Easter in the preceding posts. I sometimes wish I could enjoy such clarity of faith. I must admit that, having spent much of my adult life studying the evidence we have of Jesus and his teachings, I still don't get the soteriological aspects of Christianity.

I have no problem believing that there is a creator that cares about his creation. I have no problem with the miraculous. To me, creation itself is a miracle, and every little thing that appears before my eyes is miraculous. It is obvious to me that I've been saved from damnation. I just don't see how it works.

The last thing I'd ever want to do is to cause another to doubt their faith. I like to think that I could and would endure anything without renouncing my own. I don't doubt that the events that gave rise to Easter could have happened. I've seen enough to know that nothing is necessarily impossible. I simply can't see how these events have saved me from anything.

Sorry if I seem like less of a Christian for this. Since I'm not in charge of any church, the Board of Christian Directors and the Federal Religion Commission may see fit to give me my walking papers. There is nothing I can do about that.

I will continue to follow the line of Jesus' teachings. I trust that your faith will sustain you as much as mine does me.


  1. Well, shoot!  We had a secret bidding war going on between Glen Beck and Rush for the blogging rights to the Plains Feeder.  Big money!  Guess we'll have to forget that.  At least there's the consolation that the blog will be much more interesting with PTG still in charge.

  2. zzzzzzzzzz

  3. <span>"zzzzzzzzzz" = Mockeys in church. Mantra-like.

  4. Mockeys = Mickeys

  5. pt:

    There's an old saying that I commend to you ... with affection:

    For the skeptic no proof is sufficient; for the believer no proof is necessary.

    Faith is a funny thing - it comes packaged in all sorts of shapes, sizes, weights, and colors. We've never met, but I've been reading your words for a long time now ... and I can't find much wrong with the way yours is wrapped.

    Be well

  6. Gee, I learned a new word. Thought at first you couldn't spell, PTG. (Soteriology is the study of religious doctrines of salvation)

    Of course I don't believe in any of that nonsense.

  7. Well, as a practicing Buddhist, all I can say is... whatever.

  8. Reports of your demise are greatly exaggerated.

  9. ah-oh - trouble in feedlot city...


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