May 02, 2010

New Show at GMLTV Site

The Give Me Liberty TV group, of which I am a member, has a new show up on the site:
The Tea Party Movement consists of hundreds of small groups operating independently around the country. Of course, GMLTV itself is such a group, but there are many others just here in Nebraska. Laura Ebke, who blogs at Red State Electric, is the leader of Campaign for Liberty in Nebraska. Shelli Dawdy of Grassroots in Nebraska is another local Tea Party leader. Recently GMLTV's Patrick Tarr hosted a discussion with Shelli and Laura. Topics ranged from the Tea Party Movement to the Unicameral's resolution on state sovereignty and the Constitutional balance between state and federal power.
[View the video segments at GMLTV]

Comments on any of the shows are welcome here, there, or at Don't Let Me Stop You.

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