May 17, 2008

Steamboat Gardens Calendar - 1977

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Steamboat Gardens has been a fixture in Waterloo, Iowa since 1933. The original building actually was built to resemble a steam tugboat. Waterloo has been an industrial and railroad town for as long as the Gardens has been serving burgers, and the restaurant is a gathering place for workers from John Deere and other local factories.

The hamburgers were excellent the last time I ate one there, but that was in 1977, when I picked up this nifty peek-a-boo pinup calendar. I see from their online menu that you can still get the frog legs.

The building may have changed, but one thing sure hasn't. It wouldn't be a good idea to wear your "Stamp Out CommUNIONism" shirt to Steamboat Gardens. Waterloo is a union town.

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