September 25, 2010

Appeasement Never Satisfies

A Facebook comment posted by Harold Thompson 9/25/2010. This cat has his head screwed on straight.
A few weeks ago I posted a short history of how Europe tried to deal with Hitler early on. The decision was made to appease Hitler. If he was accommodated, then he would be happy and all would be well.

The appeasement reached its apex when ...Czechoslovakia was forced to cede to Germany a large part of its territory, known as the Sudetenland, in Oct 1938. In March of 1939 Hitler invaded and occupied the remainder of the country anyway. The beginnings of WW II were in place.

Appeasement and accommodation never satisfies an aggressor. The more weakness you exhibit, the more appeasement they demand.

Same situation as which a school yard bully. The more you give in to a bully, the more he demands. Either you totally surrender or you stand and fight.

Eventually Islam will force us to fight or surrender. Then and only then will most Americans realize trying to pacify Muslims is a wasted effort and is futile.

Islam gives infidels (that is us) 3 choices: 1. convert; 2. submit; or 3. die by the sword.

The sooner we understand this, the sooner we will deal with Islam.
Facebook isn't only about what my cat did today.


  1. JFK's teenage lay claims he stated he would prefer his kids red than dead. I believe that. I also believe that our current crop of elites pretty much think the same of Islam and any other group that might have them shot. How do you appease those with such widely varying demands?? You can't. What will they do next?


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