September 24, 2010


Wild Horses in Our New Mexico Orchard
The old feeder has come through a rough winter. I didn't feel well enough to run the Plains Feeder, partly because of cancer and partly due to the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. These times were chronicled on Facebook. If you are curious, just find P. T. Gustan's Facebook account, ask to be my 'friend' and read about the struggle. I don't want to let my circumstances impinge too much upon this old blog any more.

Even though I have moved to New Mexico, I remain a Plainsman at heart. I intend for the Plains Feeder to continue following the Midwest scene at a distance. I'll try to add something of interest to New Mexicans as well as to continue covering national and international news that I consider Feedworthy. As always, I'll try to include some personal anecdotes, minus the tedious expilcation of my own battle to stay alive.


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  1. Hang in there, buddy. You are strong and tough.


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