March 22, 2005

There actually was such a case in Venezuela

A few years ago I was looking for some information on the assassination of President Kennedy. I had been reading a book on Ted Kennedy's adventures at Chappaquiddick, Senatorial Privilege, and wanted to check some facts the author, Leo Damore, used. An Alta Vista search for "Hands off Cuba", the title of a commie screed Lee Harvey Oswald had been passing out, yielded a surprisingly big list of communist organizations.

I noticed today that you can get a huge updated list of such groups by doing a Google search using "Hands off Venezuela". Every national communist party, wacko commie interest group, association of fellow travelers, and assorted useful idiots will be listed. It's important to know your enemy. That's why I went to law school.

Chavez, what a sorry son of a bitch. Bush won't kill him. And now the dumpy, middle-aged revolucionario has become the new Big Hero of the leftist elite, it having come to their attention that Che Guevara is dead. Bad Hair Blog reports on just how Cool this sad sack of a dictator has become. Val Prieto of Babalu Blog is calling him Che-avez, and notes that Venezuela might just be sliding towards authoritarian rule!

I used to tell people I that if bad times got worse, I would go start a new life in Venezuela. In those days, Caracas sounded like a pleasant, warm, cheap place to settle. Where they wouldn't ask too many questions as long as a fellow had some cash. Gas was a fifteen cents a gallon, I speak Spanish, the natives seemed to be having fun. Now I'll have to think of a new refuge.

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