March 06, 2005

Get on with it, already!

Castro Warns of Possible Assassination Plot Against Venezuelan President Chavez. Mr. Castro, long-time communist chump claims Olympic record for having survived hundreds of murder attempts orchestrated by Washington. Don't believe it! The scurrilous bloodsucker was smart to bring his own chickens to New York, but if "Washington" wanted him dead, he would be dead. Same goes for his little Venezuelan puppy, Che-vez. When "Washington" really gets serious about wanting someone dead, they don't put a reward on his head or try to slip him poison cigars, as the conspiracy folks would have you believe. The heavies from "Washington" don't even like to poison their target's soup or jab him with a poison umbrella, as the ComBlock skullduggers do.

They just see to it that the target gets shot dead.

Just ask Che.

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