March 05, 2005

Hogs Make Sacrifices for Homeland Security

I was nosing around the CBS News web site to find a feedback link that would work with Mozilla when I saw this story: Study Questions Stun Gun Safety. It seems this study, "done by the Air Force and obtained by CBS News, found that repeated shocks from a Taser stun gun led to heart damage in pigs." Even Dan Rather wouldn't gin up a story like this with a fake document, so I checked it out.

American liberals tend to be against the police having any really effective tools. They imagine a Euro-Bobby sort of constabulary that would settle problems with quotations from Dr. Phil and having prescription-writing authority. I'm sure the sensitives at CBS wouldn't have the cops go back to low tech nightsticks and come-alongs. Perhaps someone will screw the taxpayers into paying for a study to see if repeated application of the traditional 'stun baton' or nightstick could lead to head damage.

And where's PETA while these pigs are getting Tasered until they have palpitations? Off scaring the kids at some chicken restaurant.

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