March 31, 2005

More Hog Tasering

As the Feeder noted in a previous post, hogs appear to be the animal of choice for testing Taser non-lethal weapons. I asked where PETA was while this shocking hog torture was going on in the name of Homeland Security. PETA must have gotten the clue. A new study is planned right in that stronghold of animal rights, Madison Wisconsin, and PETA is right on top of it.

the pigs in this new study are being sacrificed in the name of liberal wuss-ism, and not some benighted neo-con idea like Homeland Security, as an AP story reprinted here, "Professor to Test Stun Guns on Pigs", points out. The aim of this sudy is to see if Taser-happy cops are killing our suspected perps. Even so, this isn't good ehough for the PETA bunch.

"I think this is an outstanding example of one of those questions that can only be answered using animals," said Eric Sandgren, a UW-Madison professor who heads a committee that oversees animal research. "Boy, there's been a lot of deaths from this. If the alternative is to go back to using bullets, let's find out how to make this safe."

That's a worthy goal, but researchers should instead study humans who have survived Taser shocks and autopsy reports of those who died, said Laura Yanne of PETA. She promised an "unprecedented" protest on Tuesday, but would not release details.

"Subjecting pigs to cruel experiments is not the way to go on this. It's so obvious," she said.
In an effort to simulate true life situations where cops Taser bad guys, some of the hogs tested will be hopped up on cocaine before being shocked. I would think the professor could find human volunteers among the numerous dopers at Madison. The promise of govenment-grade cocaine for a bit of a shock should have test subjects lining up.

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